Chiara Strickland is a composer for film, TV and theatre.

During her Musicology studies at the University of Heidelberg she developed a special interest for film music, subsequently writing her final thesis on Alfred Schnittke's film scores. She then studied Film Music and Sound Design at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg where she composed and produced the music for a variety of film, theatre and TV productions. Galamsey by Johannes Preuss, for example, received the Student Academy Award for best documentary of an international film school in 2017.

In 2021, Chiara was awarded the Golden Horseman at Filmfest Dresden together with Marc Fragstein and Luis Schöffend, winning "Best Sound Design" for her music on Shoko Hara's animated documentary Just a Guy.

Coming from a traditional instrumental background, her work has developed a strong focus on crafting dense sonic atmospheres, which she creates using her voice and a wide array of synthesizers. Chiara's compositions have been recorded, among others, by the Slovakian orchestra Slovak Sinfonietta Žilina and the renowned German Film Orchestra Babelsberg.

Currently, she is working as a freelance composer in Berlin and Heidelberg.

Photo: Markus Himburg | Design: Johannes Geier & Chiara Strickland | Development: Paula Schwabe & Marc Fragstein |
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Film | Documentary

Rohbau - 2023
Director: Tuna Kaplan | feature length film

Director: Daniel Popat, Actress: Annette Frier | feature length film | Official Selection 56. Internationale Hofer Filmtage

Directress: Naira Cavero | feature length film | Official Selection FILMFEST MÜNCHEN 2022

Directors: Johannes Preuss & Marius Brüning | feature length documentary | Winner Best Documentary at Filmschau Baden-Württemberg 2021

Rio Negro - 2021
Directress: Anna-Sophia Richard | silver at Young Director Award 2022

Directress: Julia Knopp

Das unerschrockene Wort - 2021
Directress/Director: Nele Dehnenkamp & Marc Eberhardt

Director: Johannes Preuss

Director: Maximilian Damm

Just a Guy - 2020
Directress: Shoko Hara | animated documentary | Winner Grand Prix at Animafest Zagreb 2020 | Winner Best Short Film at Karkow Filmfestival 2020

Waid - 2020
Director: Lorenz Piehl

Directress/Director: Julia Knopp, Maximilian Damm | feature length documentary

Director: Konstantin Schuch

Galamsey - 2017
Director: Johannes Preuss | Student Academy Award for best Documentary (International Film Schools) 2017

Director: Pablo Ben Yakov, Marc Eberhardt

Director: Marcel Wehn

Joy - 2016
Directress: Abini Gold | Best short film at the Live at Heart Film Festival 2017

Skywriters - 2016
Lead Composer: Dascha Dauenhauer, Director: Nils Otte | Cannes Corporate & Media TV Awards 2017

Gestern habe ich angefangen dich zu töten mein Herz - 2016
Directress: Annika Schäfer

Directress: Caroline Siegner

Director/Directress: Julia Knopp, Nils Otte | Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis 2015

Gedanken Übermacht - 2015
Director: Oliver Völkel

Cheveyo - 2015
Directress: Abini Gold

Herbert - 2011
Director: Konstantin Schuch

Kraterherz - 2009
Directress: Julia Bernhardt | Best short film at the Girls Go Movie Film Festival 2009

Animation | Visual Music | Experimental

Klimax - 2022
Directress: Beate Höller

Directress: Lea Thurner

Director: Nils Knoblich

Director: Henning Himmelreich | Motion Design

Komm her - 2016
Director: Henning Himmelreich | Visual Music

Director*s: Johannes Geier, Henning Himmelreich, Carolin Menzer | Motion Design

Para-Para - 2015
Director: Johannes Geier | Motion Design

Directress: Ara Jo | Animation, ITFS-Trailer

Animan - 2015
Director: Nikolai Maderthoner, Michi Lange | Animation, ITFS-Trailer

Tinto - 2014
Directresses: Carolin Menzer, Diana Eglseder | Visual Music

Sueem - 2013
Directress: Andreea Geletu | Experimental

Directress: Chiara Strickland | Experimental | Best short film at Der Große Endhirsch 2009

Installation | Theatre

HaNeu23 – 2023
Directress: Karoline Stegemann | performative audiowalk

Directress: Nicola Schubert | performative audiowalk

Directresses: Schubert-Stegemann | performative audiowalk

Directresses: Schaefer||Scherpinski

Quartett by Heiner Müller - 2018
Director: Annika Schäfer

Directress: Paula Schwabe | Interactive, audiovisual light installation

Directress/Director: Annika Schäfer, Wilke Weermann | Nibelungen-Festspiele Worms


Beyond Tellerrand - 2022 Düsseldorf
Directress: Diana Eglseder | Opening Titles for the Beyond Tellerrand Conference in Düsseldorf in May 2022

Memories to the Future - 2021
Directress: Lea Thurner

Director/Directress: Diana Eglseder & Michael Groß | Opening Titles for the Beyond Tellerrand Conference in Düsseldorf in May 2018

Director: Klaus Merkel | 4 Social Spots for the German parliamentary election in 2017